Sub-Priority Research(1.Apr.2011-31.Mar.2016)
1DA Study on Expanding the Scope of Use for Recycled Aggregate in Precast Concrete for Cold Snowy Regions

Recycled aggregate made with concrete from demolished structures is currently used for subbase course material and other purposes, and efforts are also being made to apply it to precast concrete products in order to expand its scope of use. However, application in precast products is currently limited to curbs, drain pits and other small structures, as concrete made using recycled aggregate presents drying shrinkage. In addition, its resistance to scaling, which occurs in cold regions due to combined deterioration caused by frost and salt action from airborne salt and deicing salt, has not yet been fully clarified.
The purpose of this study is to promote further use of recycled aggregate by verifying the feasibility of its application to large precast concrete products.

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