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Research Theme of Material Research Team

Civil engineering structures in cold snowy regions are subject to the actions of freezing and thawing caused by low temperatures, and chloride ions from seawater and antifreezing agent. So they are deteriorated by frost or combined frost and chloride attack etc., and their functions are reduced by frost heaving or insufficient bearing capacity.
In order to improve durability and to appropriately maintain the functions of civil engineering structures for a longer period of time, in the Materials Research Team is conducting research to develop technologies to preserve structures such as quality control and maintenance, repair, reconstruction and other technologies to improve durability of concrete structures in the cold snowy environment

R&D Program
Research on the maintenance and reconstruction of the infrastructure subject to frost damage and combined effect of deterioration
Development of technology for public infrastructure construction to achieve sustainable construction recycling
Development on the efficiency and reliability of the maintenance cycle

Priority Project Research
Sub-Priority Research
Fundamental Research

Priority Project Research During the Previous Period
General Research During the Previous Period

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